Cool Green Walls and Balconies on the New Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (Photos)

Photos: Emilio Ambasz (architect).

This is what the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art could look like in one year and a half time, when the restoration and extension works that are taking place in the building finish. Green walls and balconies will give the building and its pieces of art a new life. Take a closer look inside.The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art has been closed for a few years now, under restoration and remodeling plans that seem to never begin nor finish. But now, according to La Nacion newspaper, the works are finally beginning to turn the old building into a beautiful breathing space.

What the building looks like now.

Designed by architect Emilio Ambasz and donated to the city more than 12 years ago, the project seeks to unite two different existing buildings into one cultural space through a green facade.

The design was inspired in colonial houses with great patios and balconies, which the architect connected with memories of the neighborhood surrounding the museum.

What it could look like in more than a year.

From the architect's website:

"The embracing front and side facades are conceived as "balconies and patio gardens" to shelter the interior spaces from the direct southern sun. They also provide a lush, green backdrop to the street, reminiscent of the verdant patios and planted balconies that were a prominent feature of the colonial architecture once prevalent in this area."

Another view.

Even if the design was not presented or communicated with an environmental discourse, the architect states that he has always done 'green architecture' and in fact he's the designer behind the iconic Fukuoka government building in Japan.

More on the project:
Official architect website (the information on the rear facade is outdated, that part has been modified for another green wall)

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