Clever Sink Design Saves Water and Time when Doing the Dishes

Photos: Courtesy of Juan Solari Howard.

So after a lot of thought, we've come to the conclusion that using the dishwasher can be greener than hand wash, but we've also found that the manual work can be done a lot more efficiently.

How can we achieve that? Juan Solari Howard is a young Argentine designer that has come up with a clever (and sleek) sink design especially developed to save water, time, and energy (yours) when doing the dishes manually.

Check the extended for a full display of photos showing how!A Kitchen Sink Design that Saves Water and Time, is it Possible?

The basic idea behind Solari Howard's sink is that by organizing the process of hand washing in steps in a linear way, you can optimize your time and save water on the way.

There are four steps: throwing the food remains on the integrated trash can (which you can probably replace with a compost bin underneath the sink), putting the dishes in water, washing with soap, rinsing, and placing them in the racks to let them dry.

According to the designer, this is an easy way for people to follow because the design of the sink drives you in the desired line and forces you to use only the necessary amount of water.

Of course a person could still waste water if they wanted to but it does seem beautiful and clever. What do you think?

First two steps of the process.

Final steps.

Another view of the sink.

One more view.

A prototype of it installed in a kitchen at Puro Diseño exhibition.
Juan Solari Howard website
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