Child's Bed by H20 Archtectes Is Also Play Area and Room Divider

Images by Stéphane Chalmeau via Dezeen

We have noted before that in Paris, apartments are often quite small; they often don't have room for a private kid's bedroom. H20 Architectes dealt with the problem of accommodating children with this structure that puts an elevated bed on top of a play and storage area.

It is a very clever construction, full of secret storage spaces, a desk, and a stair up to the bed.

Rose at Dezeen puts it into architectspeak:

The specific blend generates a concentrated typology of spaces and situations in perpetual renewal. The new partition is porous creating steps, cavities and niches which suggests many possibilities for appropriation (climbing, hidding, drawing, etc…).

Lots more pictures at Dezeen.

More Parisan responses to living in small spaces

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Other ways of dealing with the issue of space in small Parisian apartments: Another Way To Hide The Bed: Put It In A Box

Some have even wondered, Is Living in Small Spaces Cruel To Children?

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