Wacky chicken coop is made out of vintage police car (Video)

Bendetto Burfalino
© Bendetto Burfalino

As we've seen countless times before, there are quite a few unorthodox examples of chicken coops out there, be they chicken chapels, swooping Swedish dwellings with an ocean view, or more "egg-cessive" options costing a cool hundred grand.

Taking the humouristic high road, French artist Bendetto Burfalino -- known for quirky art installations such as this phone booth aquarium -- took an old 1970's police car and converted it into a chicken coop by gutting it and wrapping parts of it in chicken wire to make it habitable.

© Bendetto Burfalino

© Bendetto Burfalino

Calling it "La Voiture de Police Poulailler" (literally "police car chicken coop"), it's also a bit of word play on the fact that in the francophone world, the police are sometimes colloquially referred to as "chickens" (similar to the anglophone reference of police as "pigs").

© Bendetto Burfalino

Best of all, the steering wheel and clutch have been left intact, as if the chickens are ready to drive off. It's a brilliant example of creative re-use, though we hope those chickens will be wearing some chicken diapers to preserve that vintage interior. More over at Bendetto Burfalino's website.

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