Certified and Recovered Wood Design Furniture by Arqom

Photos: Courtesy of Arqom.

This table and the beautiful set of large design benches in the extended are the work of Argentinean architecture and design studio Arqom, based outside the almighty Buenos Aires in Chaco province (north-east of this country) and directed by Adrian Prieto Piragine.

The studio premise is to work only with sustainable certified wood and with discarded pieces of this material coming from forests and sawmills. We had spotted one of their designs before, at the first green design exhibition in Buenos Aires about two years ago, but now we bring you their very worthy whole line.

Jump to the extended for beautiful, clever furniture (many, big pictures).
The Sebra bench is a modular design with as few pieces as possible, and its pieces are just embedded together, eliminating glue or other parts. The bench can be dissembled for flat shipping and is made 80% in sustainable wood and 20% in native discarded pieces.

Flexo is the name of this bench which has similar features than the previous: modular, minimum use of materials, dissembled shipping, and made with sustainable wood. Its difference lays in the way the bench is tied together, which allows it to be flexible.

The Simoa line of wood-benches follows the line of Arqom's style: renewable, sustainable materials, standard pieces that are easily replaceable to ensure endurance, and dissembled shipping.

Simoa has also a version in concrete for open spaces. Concrete furniture has been popping up the streets everywhere at public spaces in Buenos Aires.

DNativo is a very simple model produced with just two elements: a recovered wood surface and recycled-steel legs. The wood is recovered from sawmills where defective pieces cannot be used.

Last but not least, the beautiful table that opens the post: named W-Series, it's produced with native discarded wood pieces embedded together via a method called system-joint. It's also easy to disassemble for shipping.

For more information about these designs, contact Arqom studio.


Via Innovar contest.

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