Ceramic Speakers By Joey Roth: Look Good, Sound Great

Designer Joey Roth used to write for TreeHugger, so I won't ask why Harry of Mocoloco got a set of his new speakers to review before we did. From past experience with Joey, you know that whatever he puts together is going to maximize the use of natural materials, look gorgeous and reinvent the way the product works, much like his Sorapot did.

More at Joey Roth.

More on Joey Roth in TreeHugger:

As always, Joey packs his designs carefully; the box is as elegant as the product. (we did a whole post on how he packaged the sorapot)

Harry asked a pro, DJ John Lawford, to review the speakers. Read the whole thing at Mocoloco, but we repeat the last line:

"They fit the exact need I never knew I had: cool looking desk speakers to hear the best parts of cool music while I do cool stuff on my cool computer. Cool."

More at Joey Roth

More on Joey Roth in TreeHugger:

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