Celery's Lullaboo Nursery Furniture

Celery's clean, simple aesthetic has our ovaries all aflutter. Its Lullaboo line of kid-approved furniture is made from bamboo and/or formaldehyde-free medium density fiberboard, as well as low-volatile-organic-compound (VOC) paint and finishes. (We'd have preferred VOC-free coatings in light of the hefty price tags, however.)

Still, Celery won us over with its convertible crib, which has adjustable supports to extend the sleeping platform as your bambino grows. You can even swap out one of the end panels for a chalkboard (along with a chalk/eraser tray) at no extra cost. Both the non-rocking and rocking cradles also include a 1-inch-thick mattress comprising a 100 percent natural-latex core and an organic-wool covering. Just one other quibble: You have to purchase the pad for the changing table separately(*).Although it sounds like only deep-pocketed parents need apply, consider that Celery's products are entirely designed and fabricated in Bozeman, Montana by local craftspeople—not mass produced in some overseas sweatshop. And really, who can resist the jumbo, multiple-rider rocking horse? Not us. ::2Modern and ::Celery

(*): Originally included the grouse that the crib didn't come with a mattress, until a reader pointed out that this was common practice, much like with adult beds.

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