Unique Structure of 30,000 Paperclips Explores Material Reuse

© Agata and Lucas Piskunowicz

In the age of PDFs and electronic everything, paperclips seem old-fashioned, even anachronistic. Toronto-based design trio Interstice Studio doesn't seem to think so, and in their latest room-sized installation have taken paperclip reuse to new heights.

© Agata and Lucas Piskunowicz

For the recent "Come Up To My Room" show at Toronto's Gladstone Hotel, designers Victoria Beltrano, Fiona Lim Tung, and Kristen Lim Tung conceived of an interlinked net of 30,000 paperclips, painstakingly put together by hand and made specifically for the space:

CAST is an installation that explores the potentials of material reuse. CAST takes the form of an intricate weave, heavily influenced by traditional craft and textile techniques. Through the aggregation of simple components, in a range of combinations, we sought to expose the beauty of everyday materials.

We designed the installation to both play off the chandelier in the space, and to create a point of focus in the exhibit entryway. It was great seeing the "a-ha" look on people's faces when they realized that the shimmering veil over their heads was made out of paperclips.

© Agata and Lucas Piskunowicz

The thousands of paperclips were grouped together in modules, which were held together using fasteners. The delicate structure was hung from the ceiling using lampshade rings.

© Agata and Lucas Piskunowicz

Interstice Studio plans to re-install the piece in other settings, like a restaurant or bar, but its method of construction means that it travels and stores well and can go pretty much anywhere. The designers joke that "however, if all else fails, we have enough paperclips to supply our studio for a very long time!"

More info and images over at Interstice Studio.

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