Canadiano: Minimal wooden coffee maker for tasty one-cup brews

Fishtnk Design Factory
© Fishtnk Design Factory

Whether it's with a coffee machine, espresso maker, French press or stovetop moka pot, brewing coffee is quite an involved, ritualistic morning affair for most people. That's why we were pleasantly surprised by the Canadiano, a minimal, two-piece wooden coffee maker made by Thornhill, Canada-based company Fishtnk Design Factory. Coming in either FSC-certified maple, cherry or walnut wood, the Canadiano can brew one cup of joe in two to four minutes, and doesn't require much daily care beyond a simple rinsing.

© Fishtnk Design Factory
© Fishtnk Design Factory

Described as being "crafted for picky coffee drinkers," the Canadiano is designed to produce a distinctive taste, as it's based on the pour-over method, while the wood in the Canadiano is intended to absorb the fragrant coffee oils from each brew:

Overtime the coffee oils of your specific beans and roast will be absorbed into the wood and be a part of your morning coffee experience.

Each type of wood is matched with different beans and roasts from around the world. We encourage brewing single origin beans in the Canadianos. The Walnut edition is crafted and designed for use with darker roasts and earthier flavors such as beans from South East Asia. Maple and Cherry is designed for beans with slight citrus hints and nutty taste.

© Fishtnk Design Factory
© Fishtnk Design Factory
© Fishtnk Design Factory

After each use, all the Canadiano needs is to be washed with warm water. From time to time, though, it does require some refinishing even now and then (a kit will be available).

The reusable stainless steel filter is designed to be dishwasher safe, and reduces waste, as it eliminates the need for paper filters (and none of those single-use coffee pods, thank goodness). These limited edition wooden coffee makers come in two versions: the Standard and the Raw (a lightly finished maker for "single origin coffee" afficionados that requires more care but soaks up more coffee bean oils).

For more info, check out the Canadiano website.

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