Buildup to Greenbuild: A Conversation with Paul Raff (Video)

Ben Rahn/A Frame
30,000 green building professionals are coming to Toronto for Greenbuild in October; this series will try to explain Toronto to them. This is the first of a series of conversations with interesting Toronto architects.

Paul Raff's Cascade House has received a lot of international attention, from Greensource to Fast Company and Jetson Green.
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The house used tried and true passive design principles: lots of insulation, careful placement of windows to maximize solar heat gain when wanted, (and a gorgeous heavy slate wall to absorb it) and lots of insulation in a tightly sealed envelope made of structural insulated panels. There isn't a green gizmo to be seen; just elegant and simple design with a deciduous tree in front for shade.

Paul Raff doesn't have a huge body of work, but he has certainly made a splash with the Cascade house.

I interviewed him in his new office in the KoreaTown strip of Toronto's Bloor Street, and talked about the Cascade House, his current project building a 24 unit apartment complex in Thailand, and about his favourite parts of Toronto. (Bloor Street, the ravine network and the Leslie Street Strip).

I apologize for the abrupt ending to the video. More at the Paul Raff Studio
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