Biodegradable Knitted Sofa, Folding Screen, Trash Can By Emiliano Godoy


Mexican designer Emiliano Godoy's biodegradable knitted chair is a classic for those into green design. But over the past few years he has extended the line into a few more products.

The knitted collection is built with sustainably sourced plywood tied together with cotton rope. So when the product reaches the end of its life, it can be disassembled and composted, or if you're creative transformed into something else.

These products --along with the original chair; are part of the collection of responsibly produced furniture sold at Mexican design store Pirwi, which opened recently.

Godoy is a regular name in sustainable design in Latin America, with several projects going on. You can also check his system for manufacturing with minimum waste Piloto, his arbol LED lamps and camouflage chair.

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