Bioclimatic No Walls House In Northern Colombia Is Caribbean Paradise

Photos: Sergio Gomez.

World-renowned for their work in Medellin, especially for the Orchid House at the Botanical Garden, Colombian firm Plan B Architects is busy and keeps coming up with great projects.

One of their latest is this wall-less house in Rio Cedro, a city located by the Caribbean Sea, 200 miles north from Medellin.

The house (spotted at Inhabitat) was built with certified wood from reforested sources as a way to respect the surrounding native vegetation that has been hit with deforestation due to the expanding livestock industry.

Instead of coming up with a structure that can resist efforts and loads, they came up with one that can be traversed by the environment that surrounds it. As the climate in the area is warm all year long, they decided on an open, permeable design that has passive cooling trough through solar orientation (main facades point to north and south) and crossed ventilation.

For the ceiling, they chose a local construction technique with branches of the Palma Amarga (sabal mauritiiformis) and palmata (Bactris guineensis) stems, as stated in Plataforma Arquitectura.

About 30 centimeters (12 inch) thick, the roof is impermeable to rain and helps control temperature. Concrete was only used to secure the base of the building and accessories like a sofa, stairs and a table on the lower level.

The upper level was designed for day activities and the lower level is conceived for more intimate, night activities. All facilities have modular installations that can be arranged to accommodate more or less people.

Undoubtedly this is a paradise beach house not designed for practical applications in places less perfect than the Caribbean, but it's always interesting to see projects conceived specifically for local conditions and carefully installed with local materials.

Now who wants to start a campaign for the owners to list it at Airbnb?

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