Best of Show For Green Booth Design: Autodesk

Autodesk says it is "committed to sustainable design" and they certainly tried to show it in their booth, which is made entirely of recycled cardboard, sustainably harvested BC fir, recycled cardboard sonotubes, all treated with a 100% biodegradable fire retardant that makes it possible to build a booth out of paper.

The chairs were a clever cardboard design; they don't look it but felt quite solid.

Of course it takes up a lot of space to move sonotubes and cardboard; a lot of booth systems are designed to fold up into containers and transport easily, with folding chairs being the show standard. So some of that green will be offset by the higher cost and carbon footprint of transport. But it certainly was the most overtly green attempt at booth design.

Tags: Computing | greenbuild


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