Beautiful Objects from Brazilian Native Communities through Imaginario Pernambucano

Photos: Pagina 12 and Museu do objeto brasileiro.

Imaginario Pernambucano is one more project in which the skills of artisan people from native communities are empowered with the help of design. An extended practice in South America, we've seen this done on initiatives like Oficina Nomade and Caranday Quinua.

This one is promoted by the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, and its results are exquisite objects that mix ancient techniques with sleeker shapes.

Take a peek in the extended!Imaginario Pernambucano was born in 1999 with the goal of strengthening native communities' identities by helping them organize and reach a sustainable business and lifestyle.

Tray made by a community in Cabo de Santo Agostinho.

The project works with native artisan people in subjects such as design, production, management and marketing of their handwork; and they do this by establishing partnerships with them, encouraging better communication in the communities, and basing the work on sustainable development.

Another product developed by the Cabo de Santo Agostinho community.

In order to encourage artisans to create new and different objects, for example, the professionals and students from Imaginario Pernambucano have taken artisans to exhibitions and fairs, and have confronted them with images of contemporary ceramic work. Combined with other activities in the communities, this has led to new products that respect local references and traditions, but that also have a look closer to current trends --which gives them a better chance to reach larger markets.

Flowerpot by the same community.

Imaginario cannot sell products, but they work with partners that help market these creations. If you're interested in the objects or simply in knowing more about the project, contact them through their website,

Bowls from the Cabo de Santo Agostinho artisans.

Lamp by the same group.

Ceramic flowers by artisans in Cabo de Santo Agostinho.

Via ABC Design and Pagina 12 newspaper

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