Bamboo Chairs, Retractable Tables by Union Elemental

Photos: Courtesy of Union Elemental.

Bogota-based firm Union Elemental makes these neat pieces of furniture using only bamboo and sustainable wood combined with stainless steel.

Besides the green credits for using bamboo (What's so great about bamboo?), some of the pieces by the Colombian firm get some extra points for practicality in small spaces. Especially cool are the retractable tables that fold into the wall.

Check more pictures in the extended."Our products represent our passion for life, for our roots. But, most importantly, our certainty that there can be a better world, and that design is a key factor in making it possible," say the folks at Union Elemental at their website.

The firm, run by Tomas Castrillon, goes on about its philosophy: "Great furniture inspires the perfect interaction between man and space. It is also the manifest of our beliefs, the way we see life. Our furniture represents our thoughts: beautiful pieces of contemporary design, making them sustainable in the long run."

Some of those beautiful pieces can be found in the pictures below; all of them are made with bamboo wood, in some cases dyed with natural pigments.

For more information about Union Elemental or its products contact the firm via their website (links at the bottom).

Union Elemental
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