Babybett Suiko: Four Years of Baby Furniture All in One Piece

Q: When is a crib not a crib?

A: When it's also a rocking chair and a bed. So goes the riddle of the Babybett (that's "babybed" in German) Suiko, a slick multi-functional piece that can be your baby's crib, rocking chair and toddler bed, all in one. A great companion to Evolutionary Chair and Table, which grow with your child, the Babybett helps you keep up with your fast-growing youngster.

With baby furniture (as with all furnishings), the longer you can make it work, the better; four years is pretty good when it comes to beds 'n such for your little ankle-biters. Don't forget to Freepeat it when your little one isn't so little any more and hit the jump for more pics. ::Design3000 via

Tags: Bedrooms | Furniture


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