Bürstner Trailer Has Lessons For Living In Smaller Spaces

Those designing for small spaces can learn a lot from boats and travel trailers, particularly from European designs. Caravanning is a high-end luxury activity in Europe and some of the models put luxury yachts to shame. This Bürstner Averso Plus is pretty luxe, and has is advertised as the first ever with a drop-down bed. The image above is set up for dining, with the bed pulled up to the ceiling and the "chic starry sky" of LEDs visible.

Here is is dropped down over the table, which is also on a telescoping base.

A lot of boats and travel trailers have drop-down tables where the cushions from the back of the seating are put on the table, becoming a bed, but this looks a lot more comfortable and faster, too.

it is all rather nicely fitted out with lots of storage;

There are lessons in the bathroom as well, where the entire room becomes the shower stall, saving a lot of space. No idea what the thing costs, but it's on Born Rich, so it is probably expensive. More at Bürstner
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