Avoiding Plastic Bags: Recycled Straps Baskets, Shopping Trolleys by Violraviol

Photos: Courtesy of Violraviol.

Violraviol is a small design firm from Argentina that offers products and accessories for the house, which invite people to enjoy every day things like going to the market, cooking and having a nice meal. Among their adorable items we found two green gems: this shopping basket produced by Bolivian artisans with recovered plastic strips that come from fruit markets leftovers and a set of sweet shopping trolleys to keep you from carrying bags.

Read more and find more pictures in the extended.The person behind Violraviol is Cecilia Sonzini, a local interior designer with a taste for objects design as well. Besides the basket and shopping trolleys, her line of products include placemats, aprons, pillows and tablecloths.

Violraviol's baskets are produced by Bolivian artisans who work at fruit markets, where they recover plastic straps and knit them into these products. "I knew the work of these people through a florist friend of mine. The baskets are their design and work, but now we're working in developing other products in collaboration. I'm really open to their ideas because I admire what they do," says Solzini.

The shopping trolleys are from metal and fabrics, some of them include recovered plastic fabrics from old tablecloths.

Violraviol sells online at Dos Fuerzas Store and in Buenos Aires at CouCou (1437 Thames st. Palermo neighborhood) and Morada (1661 Vicente Lopez st., Recoleta neighborhood). Also, through direct contact with the designer via e-mail info at violraviol dot com.

Color variations of the baskets:

The shopping trolleys:


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