Arum, a Biodegradable Ring of Ashes for a Tree Creates a Place of Remembrance

© Carla Cava

It seems designers in Barcelona have a neck for creating biodegradable urns. While Gerard Moliné’s Bios urn transforms into a tree to remember the beloved one, Carla Cava’s Arum is a ring of ashes that creates a place of remembrance on a specific tree.

© Carla Cava

The biodegradable ring, which contains the cremation ashes, is placed around the trunk of a tree and then left to disintegrate naturally, while hopefully also symbolising an end to the mourning period. In order not to loose this space of remembrance, the ring leaves a permanent mark which can be personalised on the tree trunk (a tiny bit cruel to the tree).

© Carla Cava

I came across Arum at the MID Design Ideas Markt which aims to connect creatives and entrepreneurs with companies and investors, and helps to find funding and business opportunities for innovative projects with a strong design component. Cava is currently looking for a producer to comercialise Arum. Since designing the product as her final year project at design school, she has left Barcelona and founded Den Studio in Melbourne, Australia, which is where you can find her if you are interested in a collaboration to get the product on the market.

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