Architecture Meets Comics In Bureau Spectacular's Mobile Briefcase House

Photos: Bureau Spectacular
Transformer spaces never cease to amaze with their ability to morph and adapt to the user's needs of the moment. Jimenez Lai of Bureau Spectacular offers another take on the genre with this intriguing residential loft addition; though it's not a true transformer space, it's envisioned as a "briefcase house", ie. a house within a house -- which he explains dramatically with comics.

Seen over at ArchDaily, the Briefcase House looks a bit like an oversized Russian nesting doll that's been pulled out but remains stuck in stasis, creating some interesting seating, storage spaces and views into the main space. With this continuous nesting idea there's a tense playfulness between inside vs. out, small vs. big, personal vs. work, private vs. public spaces.

Still, it makes us wonder what it would look like if it was designed with actual telescoping spaces in mind instead, with the capacity to expand and collapse like a real suitcase that could be packed up and moved somewhere else!

But the suitcase-room does sit on castors, which allows it to be "rolled around to distort program proportions".

As an extra bit of quirk, Lai explains the concepts behind the project by the way of a graphic novella / sequential storyboards titled 'The Obsession Accelerator', starring a black-suited, stand-in character who comes back from a "year-long experiment" of discarding the superfluous in his life. He says to his long-suffering lover:

I figured out how to do it. I will compact only what I truly need and discard everything else in life.

I will put this box inside another box and devote my entire self working in the space between the two boxes.

The box on the inside is like a little room with a super thick wall cavity.

Who knew that architecture could be so dramatic in two dimensions? Check out the rest of the Briefcase House comic and Bureau Spectacular's other graphic novels, projects and installations on their website.

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