Architects' Home and Office is Less Than Eight Feet Wide

So often the space between buildings is just wasted, a source of heat loss and little else. sculp(IT), a "young, progressive and complementary team of architects who apply their passion for architecture to every task given" from Antwerp, have taken a 7'-10" wide space and turned it into a home and office.

"Four wooden floors between two existing walls, hanging in a steel skeleton, organize this house: downstairs for work, dining on 1st, relaxing on 2nd, sleeping on 3rd, and on the roof, go and enjoy the view."

All photography Luc Roymans
Kitchen and dining

Best bathtub ever

Pieter Peerlings & Silvia Mertens

More images and information at ::Archinect, via ::Shedworking

Tags: Belgium | Less Is More


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