Architect Wants to Rebuild Haiti with Recycled Tires, Needs Your Help (Photos)

Photos: Courtesy of Carlos Levinton.

Argentine architect Carlos Levinton, who we've seen help Bolivian communities with PET, was asked by the UN White Helmets Comission to collaborate with ideas for the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake.

He came up with a dome-house made mainly with recycled tires, which -he claims- can be built in one day. After receiving approval from the government and support by White Helmets to go through with the plan, he's now asking companies and organizations to help gather enough tires in Haiti. Find out more inside.Levinton has extensive experience and projects with building with recycled materials, and along with groups in need like cartoneros in Buenos Aires.

One of his proposals to re-build Haiti is to put together anti-earthquake houses from recycled tires, made simply by a large base and a metal dome covered with tarp or similar materials.

As you can see from the pictures, the houses require no technology and are extremely low cost. Levinton estimates that their cost is about 50 USD and that they can be built in one day.

According to the architect, the Haitian government and White Helmets have both agreed to the project and to finance the trip of a team to teach locals how to build these houses.

However, the problem is finding a large amount of tires and transporting them to the needed locations.

This is why Levinton is asking companies that discard large amounts of tires and organizations that may have funds to finance their transportation to join the project. If you have any idea and would like to help, please write directly to the architect at clevinton at fibertel dot com dot ar.

Homes from tires are probably not the definitive answer but if the houses were as easy to make as shown and enough materials could be mobilized to the area from surrounding cities, it might be a transitive solution for housing. Especially in the hurricane season.

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