Appliances Artistically Spill Their Guts

Images used with permission of the photographer

When it comes to appliances, they don't build them like they used to, to last a long time and to be relatively easy to repair. Now they are built to be thrown away as replacement can often be cheaper than trying to find a repair shop or parts. Photographer Brittny Badger wasn't shy about digging around inside appliances, and took a dozen of them apart for her senior thesis at Hartford Art School.

Brittny writes: "I took apart used cooking/cleaning appliances, and arranged their interior parts very systematically on a white sheet of bristol board. my intention was to explore the hidden "brains" of these appliances; allowing us to view these everyday objects from a new perspective."

I found her choice of appliances interesting as well; from the juicer to the can opener to the electric knife, it seems that about half of them are completely non-essential. So many parts, so much stuff to open a can or cut a piece of meat or juice an orange. See them all at ::Brittny Badger. via ::Swiss Miss

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