Andrew Maynard's Airdrop House: Just Add Water

Cameron Sinclair of Architecture For Humanity always says that the last thing people need after a disaster is another architect's idea for instant housing, but that hasn't stopped TreeHugger Best of Green Young Architect Andrew Maynard from looking at the problem of the flooding in Pakistan and writing:

Many would suggest, correctly, that what a disaster of this magnitude DOES NOT need is another idealistic architect proposing yet another over-simplified and poorly considered "architectural response". Unfortunately at AMA we are a pack of idealistic simpletons who can't avoid putting together stupid solutions to serious problems.

But in fact they do take the issue seriously and are deeply concerned about the suffering of others, and have developed the Airdrop House as a way of drawing attention to their favourite charity, Medecins Sans Frontieres.

The Airdrop house is made of a dried sponge-like material and is about a metre in diameter. When it hits the flooded area it soaks up water like a sponge and expands.

The sponge even has seeds embedded in it, making its own green roof to shade the house and also provide food.

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