Amazing Garden Sheds In UK Competition; Public Voting Opens

Unfortunately we never get to see inside the Tardis to see how big it is.

We have covered the increasing interest in garden sheds as home offices, studios and just places to get away; it is a cheaper and easier way to get a bit of extra space. Graham Norwood writes in the Independent that "our more straitened times may provide an unexpected boost for the idea of creating something akin to an extra room in even a small outdoor space. Fewer people are moving and more are improving, including in the garden."

Sheds are a big deal in the UK, where Uncle Wilco runs a shed competition where you can vote for your favourite shed.

There are eco-sheds, pub sheds, museum sheds just plain garden sheds, and unique follies like this one made out of a lifeboat. There is even a Tardis category. I have been a judge in the competition, which is attracting lots entries from North America and around the world. Public voting has just started; vote for your favourite shed here. Although the website looks like a 1999 hangover, if you can figure out the navigation there are some terrific entries.

There are green walls and roofs;

Sometimes they get a little too big to be called sheds, like this 12' x 24' number that seems to store a train and beer bottle collection of some scale. The owner says it "took over a year to build and nearly cost me my marriage!"

This eco-shed has solar hot water and photovoltaics, a big battery bank and a wood-fired generator. So many good entries; it will be tough to judge. See them all at We Heart Sheds

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