All Aluminum House Has Green Roof, Solar Power

While it takes a lot of energy to make aluminum, most of it is recycled and it does not take a lot of energy to do that. So building a house entirely out of aluminum makes some sense; it can probably be dismantled easily and if nothing else, turned back into pop cans.

Atelier Tekuto has built an elegant single family house in Kanazawa City, Japan almost entirely out of aluminum. Notwithstanding our bias against jazzy expensive single family houses, this one has some interesting features. Starting at the top: a green roof and solar collectors.

According to the Architectural Review, "solar passive energy heats the property in the winter, although the deep eaves of the roof preventing overheating from the high summer sun." (Rule No. 1 for good solar design)

It also has a GSHP (ground source heat pump) and "aluminium rings collecting energy from the sun; these act as radiators when necessary." which I assume to be some kind of active solar thermal system.

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