5 Little Designs That Make Life Nicer, Fresh from the Valencia Design Week (Photos)

Papercraft Hospital exhibited at Valencia Design Week, designed by Lobulo Design. Photo credit: La Merienda

Different themes seemed to be embedded in the Valencia Design Week. After spotting 6 great wooden flat-pack designs, I also found these little objects all of which tell a story and make everyday better.

1. Corkmatters Lamps by Tiago Sá da Costa

Image Credit: Tiago Sá da Costa

This single die-cut piece of cork folds into a beautiful 3D lamp.

2. Wirelight by Join Design

Image Credit: Join Design

For those of you who like the shape of the good old incandescent light bulb but want to move on to energy-efficient LED-lighting, the Wirelight might be a solution. It "swaps the logic order of its components" by making the cable light up rather than the bulb.

3. Easy Garbage by Un4Verde

Image Credit: Un4Verde

This design collective had an interesting "green" "toy" on show, that disguises itself as an Aloe Vera plant and which got most of the visitors attention, but I would like to mention the Easy Garbage bin. Made of one single steel structure onto which you can hang a plastic or paper bag to recycle, this is a very lightweight and elegant object, made from a minimum amount of materials.

4. Little red Scarf by Estudio Merienda

Image Credit: Estudio Merienda

A very cute corporate christmas present, the Little Red Scarf is made from natural felt, wood and recycled card for the packaging. The designer explains: "It's so easy, just hold the bottle's neck with one of the sides (to catch the little drop that falls when you serve) and hold the cork with the other one (you will never lose it). Quite simple."

5. The Mandala Series Tables by Ruben Retrain

Image Credit: Ruben Retrain

Retrain, a Spanish designer with a lot of patience, transforms used magazines into curious objects. His latest creation are these tables, each one different, made by folding and adding different papers to create these beautiful coffee tables.

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