Wallets Made from Old Billboards and Seat Belts Keep Your Cash Green

First World Trash/via

The saying "one man's trash is another's treasure" gets a new twist with these wallets, made from discarded materials. How does "one man's trash holds another's treasure" sound? The wallets are made by First World Trash, the New York company that scavenges junkyards for billboard vinyl and seat belts from old cars, then transforms them into wallets, bags, laptop and iPad sleeves, among other things, all by hand.

First World Trash/via

Materials like billboard vinyl and seat belts are engineered to endure bad weather and car crashes (yet they're thrown away anyway). So not only is First World Trash keeping perfectly usable products out of landfills, it's making tear proof, water resistant products that can stand up to whatever your daily life puts them through.

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