Veja Shoes Launches Chrome-Free Suede and Wild Rubber Shoes for Winter (Photos)

Photo: Veja

We have raved about Veja's fair trade, organic cotton trainers and line of bags in the past and for fall/winter 2010, the French footwear label has introduced a new timeless footwear style, called "Veja Indigenos." Made with chrome-free tanned suede and wild rubber--harvested by a cooperative of small producers on rubber trees in the Amazon--the Vejas are available in a bevy of camel-to-grey hues for men and women.
Photo: Veja

Photo: Veja

Photo: Veja

Photo: Veja

Veja Indegenos are available from £89, for low tops, to £95, for high tops, online at Veja Shop.

Do you sport a pair of Vejas? TreeHugger Jacob has been sporting these kicks for 4 plus years, how long have yours lasted? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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