Teva Stilettos. Fashion Over Function? (Photos)

When fashion trumps function: The Teva Stiletto. Photo: Mi-Zo
Teva's Stilettos have been making the rounds on the style blogs, from The Huffington Post to Refinery 29, this week. In collaboration with Grey Ant, a NY-based fashion designer, and online retailer New High Mart, the collection has reimagined the functional outdoor sandal by adding a 4" heel and trendy appeal--plus a pair of warm socks.

But are these weird--yet kinda' cool--heels just a display fashion's disposable trends? The heels have completely stripped the Teva Hurricane sport "mandal" of it's function. Or, are they a trendy approach wearing ones love of the great outdoors on your heels? Either way, the following photos are pretty hilarious--especially with the disclaimer: Teva stilettos are not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, or mountain climbing.

Photo: Mi-Zo

Photo: Mi-Zo

Photo: Mi-Zo

Photo: Mi-Zo

Photo: Teva, Grey Ant

The shoe retails for $330 and is available in two styles, "Worlds Unite" in black and white and "Natural" in tan, and is exclusively sold at New High Mart .

So, dear readers, tell us what you think of the heeled Teva Stilettos in the comment section, below.

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