Stylish Vivienne Westwood Statement T-Shirts Support Climate Refugees

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We're all about bold statement t-shirts that do the talking for you. Enter Vivienne Westwood's eco-fashion tees that support the Environmental Justice Foundation's (EJF) 'No Place Like Home' campaign for climate refugees. The ‘War Peace’ t-shirt took center stage at Ms. Westwood's Red Label A/W 2012 runway show at London Fashion Week--and has been worn by the likes of Naomi Campbell and Gillian Anderson--all to help give a voice to those displaced by climate change.

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"What we're talking about regarding climate change refugees is total chaos, where natural disasters are more intense and more often," Ms. Westwood said, in a press release. "The world is giving us this warning of more horror to come."

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Conveniently available online at EJF for £20 (around $31), these bespoke organic cotton t-shirt offer a philanthropic twist to the ol' standard white tee and beg the question: "How did I create 38 million climate refugees?"

According to EJF:

Experts estimate that there were more than 38 million people displaced by sudden onset, climate-related natural hazards in 2010. Climate refugees now outnumber refugees fleeing persecution and violence by more than three to one.

As previously reported by TreeHugger, this number could rise to as high a billion people by 2050.

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The low carbon t-shirt is produced by Continental Clothing and is manufactured using renewable energy. Money raised from the sale of the shirt supports EJF's campaign to bring attention to climate refugees, who have no current legal recognition or protection.

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