New York Fashion Week: Wool Reigned at the GreenShows' Presentation of Ethical Luxury for Fall/Winter 2012 (Photos)

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows. Study NY showcased a combo sweater tee, complimented by a 100 percent wool tweed pant.

New York's runways are buzzing with New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter
. Find all of our exclusive coverage of the hottest green fashion here.

Sustainability came to Lincoln Center on Friday, showing the fashion world that high-end, low-impact design is ready for its close-up. The GreenShows, a platform for promoting modern sustainable fashion, brought its annual showcase to The Box at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, presenting an assortment of mini-collections from eight ready-to-wear designers.

The looks ranged from textured and funky to slick and glamorous; all striking, and all adhering to a number of manufacturing criteria set forth by The GreenShows, including: The use of organic/natural textiles; recycled/reborn fabrics; vegan/cruelty-free materials; fabric waste reduction; eco printing; local production; craft/artisan employment; fair/ethical trade practices; and resource-efficient methods. Hello, fashion for a happy planet!

Moving from hosting their own runway shoes to the more-mainstream venue is a significant step for the group.

Said Harvey Russack, Owner & CEO, The GreenShows:

This is a very special moment in the history of The GreenShows. We are delighted to offer our designers this terrific opportunity to showcase their beautiful apparel and accessories. Our mission has always been to present trend-setting, ethical and sustainable luxury design to the elite fashion community.

And did they ever. Here's a look at some of the looks:

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

This Alpaca hand knit sweater was paired with sage organic wool leggings by Ajna, whose designer, Beryl Man, uses only certified organic and sustainable textiles.

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

Here's a white poly faux fur top by The Battalion, the Los Angeles based brand which employs an array of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, faux fur, and peace silk. Joining this round-neck top were black organic bamboo leggings.

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

Can you say wow? This hand-woven, hand-dyed, organic silk dress by Luis Valenzuela truly stood out among a crowd of standouts. Venezuelan-born Valenzuela's collaboration with fabric designer, Eve Blossom, founder and CEO of Lulan Artisans, is the work of a dream team.

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows.

This Champagne organic silk strapless dress by Luis Valenzuela was hand-woven and hand-dyed.

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

Here's a white and black spliced, repurposed washed wool sweater and leather trim, with black repurposed leather short by Artists & Revolutionaries – a label that commonly uses repurposed leather, cashmere, and organic cottons.

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

An olive 100-percent reclaimed wool batwing coat was paired with a printed silk crepe long Stina dress by H. Frederickson.

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

The green and navy plaid dress and shoes here are by United Bamboo.

© Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

This black organic wool hooded sweater with white organic cotton romper is by Bamboo By, the brand known for its use of certified organic cottons, linens, and hemp.

Look for The GreenShows to return to Lincoln Center in September.

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