Exquisite Wool Coats and Garments by Ana Livni Slow Fashion

Photos: AnaLivni.com

As we mentioned on a previous article, Uruguayan brand Ana Livni works with the concept of slow fashion: collections that don't follow seasons, timeless clothes, local materials and slow manufacture.

For the 2010 southern cold season, they've revealed a set of new creations under the name 'Entrevero' at the latest edition of Buenos Aires Fashion week (their previous collection was in 2008). Even if it's getting hotter in the north, take a look and get inspired for next winter.Ana Livni began adopting the concept of slow fashion inspired by the slow food movement, and its founders describe it as producing garments that are not trendy or associated with the shopping culture. Also that are timeless, well-thought, and that have delicate work in each piece.

The brand works with local materials, especially merino wool, which Uruguay is a major producer of, but which is usually exported as a raw material. With Ana Livni's added value, this material turns into beautiful creations.

Below, we pick some of the looks of the Entrevero collection. For more info or sales, contact the brand through their website.

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