Cute! Cozy Slippers Born in the USA from Recycled Wool Sweaters and Leather Jackets (Photos)

Images courtesy of Wooly Baby.

It's August already and we'll soon hear the sound of leaves crackling beneath our feet. When is comes to keeping little hoofs warm in cooler temps, Wooly Baby has us covered. Their uber cute slippers, currently available for children aged newborn to 4 years, have me yearning for smaller toes -- or a WeeHugger of my own to outfit -- but come September 2, when they launch youth and adult sizes, I won't need to shrink my feet for the shoe to fit. Handmade stateside from recycled wool and cashmere sweaters and leather jackets, these kicks are truly one-of-a-kind and conveniently available online at the Wooly Baby shop on Etsy. More Photos:

All images courtesy of Wooly Baby.

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