Artist Crafts Naturally Colorful T-Shirts from Fallen Leaves (Photos)

Zero Footprint Leaf T-Shirt by Dave Rittinger. Photo: Dave Rittinger

New York-based artist Dave Rittinger's has crafted a naturally colorful collection of t-shirts. Perfect as camouflage for leaf peepers, the "zero-footprint leaf t-shirts," were made from fallen leaves--and organic glue--found in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Ecouterre reports:

Photo: Dave Rittinger

In a statement for local, zero-footprint fashion, Rittinger returned the leaves to their natural habitat once his project was complete.

Photo: Dave Rittinger

"'Leaf Series' is an exercise in embracing and executing a prototypical garment that is of uncompromised ecological consciousness," Rittinger told Ecouterre. "I feel the work illustrates how beautiful and also unpractical extremes can sometimes be, as we often strive to be correct and righteous in our convictions, whether it be spiritual, political, or environmental."

Photo: Dave Rittinger

Photo: Dave Rittinger

What's your take on the work? Tell us in the comment section, below. Read more at Ecouterre and Dave Rittinger.

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