A Native American Community Fights Poverty Through Farming

The Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

From the urban farms of Detroit to rooftop agriculture and community gardening in New York City, there's been much talk of how sustainable agriculture can help fight malnutrition and social exclusion in American cities. But it's not just the cities that are in trouble. In fact poverty, hunger, poor diet and drug use are as much a rural problem as an urban one. Here's a beautiful video of one Native American community in North Carolina aiming to reverse these problems through the power of sustainable farming.

The Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

Given the long history of sustainable land management in Native American communities, it makes sense that modern-day community activists would turn to farming as a path to rebuilding community and providing purpose. And as one of the farmers says, you never know: "One day McDonald's may not be around any more. We may have to go back to the old ways."

The Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

Once again we see that resilience has not been forgotten, even if it has often been willfully ignored. Thanks to the Perennial Plate for yet another beautiful video.

The Perennial Plate Episode 88: American Indian Mothers (and Fathers) from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

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