Growing a Tower of Basil With Roofless, Rainwater-Harvesting Aquaponics

EcoFilms Australia/Video screen capture

This is pretty awesome.

We've seen the amazing power of urban aquaponics (the practice of combining fish farming with hydroponic growing) before, but here's how one commercial grower is getting past a very specific problem—the high pH of her well water. By integrating rain harvesting saucers made from food-grade plastic, similar to the rain tree/clothes line hybrid we featured previously—the system is able to maintain a healthy pH level and keep fish and plants thriving.

EcoFilms Australia/Video screen capture

Created by TCLynx aquaponics of Florida, the system is intended as both a commercial growing unit and a demonstration/education tool about the benefits of aquaponics. By the looks of that basil, it should certainly turn a few heads and create a few converts.

EcoFilms Australia/Video screen capture

Besides the cool aquaponics, I'd love to hear about other solutions for rainwater harvesting without a roof. Use the comments box below or tweet me at @samigrover if you've got some ideas we should check out.

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