Backyard Farmers Out of Necessity. 53 Years On They Show No Signs of Stopping. (Video)

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

"Our daughter bought us these trees and told us to plant them where we can put a hammock when we retire. But there's no hammock. I'd rather have a potting bench."

Backyard farming may be undergoing a revival, but it's an idea as old as time. When Myrna and Earl Fincher married 53 years ago, they say, they became small farmers out of necessity—being between jobs and expecting a child.

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

True, it would seem the Fincher's have a little more than your typical urban backyard, but this is still extremely small-scale farming. And it's good to see, as Myrna explains, that it is perfectly possible to look after your own needs if you are willing to put in the work and are able to be smart about how you use your resources.

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Another great video from Fair Companies—the same people who brought us footage of Guerrilla Grafters in San Francisco and a stunning home built from salvaged car parts.

Given all the talk of resilience these days, it's good to learn from those who have come before us.

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