TRUNKSHOW Highlights: Luxury Organic Goods for the Holidays (Photos)

Trunkshow Founder, Kee Edwards, left, and New York host, Abigail Doan, right. Credit: Jennifer Mirsky, Via ecco*eco
TRUNKSHOW's Kee Edwards hosted a private luxury organic shopping event in New York City Thursday night at the home of Environmental Artist Abigal Doan--founder of ecco*eco and contributor to Inhabitat, Eco Fashion World, and the Ethical Fashion Forum. Click through for highlights from Kee's sustainable fashion line, Loup Charmant, and the rest of her carefully curated selection of high end organic fashion and accessories:
Mika Organic's animal-inspired dresses made from 55% hemp/45% organic cotton. Credit: Emma Grady

Environment by Heather Heron puches made with organic hemp and leather, using vegetable-based dyes. Image courtesy of Trunkshow.

Pillows, mittens, and other organic creations. Credit: Emma Grady

Beetle Blocks made from dead Ponderosa Pine that bark beetles have destroyed. Credit: Emma Grady

Above: Jess Brown Loup Charmant dolls are made with hand tea-dyed muslin that steeps for days. The rag dolls are adorned with felted reclaimed wool and Japanese silk embroideries, then stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber stuffing. Image courtesy of Trunkshow
Left: Loup Charmant sheer organic cotton nightie set, ideal for lounging on the beach--like in Vogue Italia. Image courtesy of Trunkshow.

View Abigail Doan's lovely coverage on ecco*eco, and visit TRUNKSHOW's online shop.

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