Tiny Revolutionary Kids' Shirts Have Something To Say

Photo credit: Tiny Revolutionary

Let's be honest here, every parent thinks their kid is going to change the world someday. (My husband and I are already calling our four-month-old Congresswoman Poopypants.) These hip, illustrated baby and toddler tees from Tiny Revolutionary don't just express that message of hope but they also have a lot of heart—on top of being 100 percent sweatshop-free, a portion of the proceeds also goes to charities such as Africa Aid, the Ethiopian Orphan Relief, and Engineers Without Borders.

The company's Eco Tees, which espouse ideals such as peace, recycling, and alternative fuel, are made from organic cotton (with recycled polyester and naturally occurring rayon occasionally thrown in) and printed with non-toxic, water-based dyes. Click below the fold for more designs.

Photo credit: Tiny Revolutionary

Photo credit: Tiny Revolutionary

Photo credit: Tiny Revolutionary
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