Tiffany's Dedicates Store Windows to Coral Conservation

Photo credit: Joe Schildhorn

Tiffany & Co. has splashed out for coral conservation in a huge way, decking its store windows all over the globe with an "Under the Sea" theme to raise awareness about the damaging consequences of coral harvesting.

According to Tiffany's:

Each window offers a different view—and a different hue—of the ocean floor. The topography of hills and valleys is shaped by glittering sand and bathed in deep blue, pristine white, lavender or turquoise. Gossamer fabric forms waves of color and bubbles swirl around vibrant coral shapes sculpted in resin.
"Today, corals are in crisis—the result of destructive fishing methods, climate change, and their removal for use as decorative objects and jewelry," says Michael J. Kowalski, chairman and chief executive officer of Tiffany & Co. "In 2002 we discontinued selling coral jewelry, concluding that in a world where corals and reef communities are under siege, we could not be complicit in their destruction. It is our hope to raise consumer awareness of this important issue and to urge fellow jewelers to join us in refusing to sell coral jewelry."

Tiffany also supports the nonprofit organization SeaWeb, as well as its Too Precious to Wear campaign, which seeks to educate both consumers and retailers about coral conservation. In addition, Tiffany backs the reauthorization of a U.S. Coral Reef Conservation Act and the addition of red coral to the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendix II, which lists species that could become threatened with extinction if trade isn't monitored.

The "Under the Sea" windows will be on display throughout the summer.

Photo credit: Joe Schildhorn

Photo credit: Joe Schildhorn

Photo credit: Joe Schildhorn
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