Summer Rayne Oakes Models New Handcrafted Jewelry Collection (Video)

Summer Rayne Oakes wears Amisha Jewelery. Photo: Fiona Garden

From UK-based Amisha Jewelry comes a chic collection of everyday accessories that are perfect for everyday accessories and gifts for the holiday season. Made with handcrafted silver and semi-precious stones, the limited-edition "Five Elements" collection--modeled by Summer Rayne Oakes above--is designed to compliment the natural beauty of its wearer. Amisha Jewelry donates ten percent of profits to local and global charities.Watch Oakes in the The Five Elements Collection campaign video and view images from the collection below.

Video: YouTube

Whispered Poise Necklace, £206. Photo: Amisha

Unity Poised Bracelet, £26. Photo: Amisha

Salient Poise Bracelet, £186. Photo: Amisha

Raptured Poise, £96. Photo: Amisha

Poised Flow Bracelet, £96. Photo: Amisha

Poised Delight Earrings, £36. Photo: Amisha

The Five Elements collection is conveniently available online at Amisha Jewelry.

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