Spring/Summer Fashion 2009: Popomomo

Photo credit: Popomomo

Say it three times fast! Popomomo, which is short for post-postmodern movement, was developed by Lizz Wasserman in response to the unchecked consumerism she witnessed while designing for Urban Outfitters and Free People.

"Popomomo is designed to be the antithesis of disposable fashion." she tells Hillary Newman at The Huffington Post. "The pieces are not trend or season based, they are idea based, and so you can wear them for seasons to come."Buckminster Fuller, German Dada artist Hannah Höch, and Russian constructivists provided an unlikely confluence of inspiration for Popomomo's spring 2009 collection, resulting in hemp-muslin apron dresses with color-block prints and peekaboo backs, oversize drop-sleeve blouses with handprinted macrame patterns, and soy/organic cotton frocks with surplice necklines and cheeky half-moon cutouts.

Tongue-tied? You and me both.

Photo credit: Popomomo

Photo credit: Popomomo

Photo credit: Popomomo
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