Rusty Releases New Colorful Recycled PET Boardshorts for Summer (Photos)

Groundswell Ecostretch boardshorts. Photo: Rusty

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To add to the pool of eco-swimwear for men, here's Rusty's colorful collection of "Ecostretch" boardshorts for summer 2011 made from recycled plastic (PET) bottles. Take a look:
Hot Laca Ecostretch boardshorts. Photo: Rusty

Monochrome Ecostretch boardshorts. Photo: Rusty

Goombah Ecostretch boardshorts. Photo: Rusty

Soul Arch Ecostretch boardshorts. Photo: Rusty
All photos: courtesy Rusty

Part of Rusty's Global Cooling collection, the Ecostretch boardshorts first appeared in 2009 and are made with a recycled polyester/lycra blend. Most styles come with a zipper pocket that has a detachable wax comb, fin key, and bottle opener in-one tool. Styles are available for $59.50 at Rusty's online store.

What do you think of the shorts? Tell us in the comment section below.

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