Paraglider Fabrics Recycled into Cool Bags and Accessories

Photos: Courtesy of Baumm.

Even when our repurposed materials accessories archive is vast, there's always a new material to recycle into design.

This time it's fabric from paragliding devices, which the fellows from previously featured design firm Baumm are turning into backpacks, gym bags, laptop covers and wallets, among others.

Why do these need to be recycled? Click through for the answer and pictures of the whole line!Recycling Paraglides into Bags and Accessories

So one would say, why do paragliders need to be recycled? Apparently, the devices last only two to three years and are renewed for security reasons. The synthetic fabrics are then discarded.

Rodrigo Chapero and Lucas Desimone, designers from Baumm, saw the opportunity to do something with the material while vacationing in Patagonia, and after some experimenting came up with a line that combines the functionality of the fabric with the spirit of outdoor life.

Apart from colors and aesthetics, the accessories relate to sport for their lightness and the ability to be compressed to travel (all of them can be reduced to 5% its size), but incorporate links to urban life like iPod pockets and alike.

Aimed at 'free souls', all bags and accessories from the line are made of 90% repurposed fabric from paraglides. Even the threads from the zippers are from the flying devices, which they get from a paragliding school located in Bariloche with whom they have a special agreement.

We thought the accessories look great, what do you say?

Find more pictures of the items below, and contact Baumm for further information (links at the bottom).

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