PACT's Holiday Underwear Will Light Up Your Drawers

Photo: PACT

Underwear brand PACT's festive holiday underwear collection will more than light up your drawers with prints recalling the nostalgia of blurred holiday lights: They'll light up the life of a family in need.

With each Winter Lights collection underwear order, PACT will donate one easy-to-use solar LED lantern--a public safety benefit and an efficient source of light--to Haitian women and families in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.The project is in partnership with EarthSpark and Citizen Effect's Light Up Haiti Program.

Designed by Yves Behar--his design studio is behind One Laptop Per Child, a devastatingly fast electric motorcycle, a trendy bike helmet, hackable automobile designs, and more--the three original underwear prints are colorful, playful and full of festive cheer.

Photo: PACT

Photo: PACT

Photo: PACT

Visit PACT to purchase a pair and tell us what you think of the holiday collection in the comment section, below.

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