Organic Undies for Oceana

Oceana organic undies. Credit: Pact

Online underwear retailer PACT has launched organic panties, boxers, and briefs designed by Yves Behar to benefit--10% of proceeds--Oceana's efforts in ocean conversation and Global Green USA's sustainable building projects. Click through for the full package (cute bums, too).
Global Green USA organic undies with butterfly print. Credit: PACT

The butterfly print (above) is designed by Los Angeles-based painter Sage Vaughn and his wife Sweet P, a fashion designer and alumna of Project Runway. Vaughn speaks to the Global Green USA design, below.

I love the idea of bringing a sense of joy and playfulness to philanthropy and the act of giving, like a tattoo in an unseen place, the intimacy of underwear creates a unique relationship with the art.

Oceana organic boxers and briefs. Credit: Pact

For yours visit Wear Pact, and read more on their environmental undies.:: Pact
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