Nothing New About Looptworks' Upcycled Activewear (And That's a Good Thing)

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"Waste not, want not" isn't just a mantra for Looptworks, a burgeoning online activewear and accessories company, it's an entire business plan. For founders Gary Peck, Scott Hamlin and Jim Stutts, releasing more YAOTs (Yet Another Organic T-shirt) into the wild doesn't make sense when a single factory, on average, dumps about 60,000 pounds of textile waste into the landfill every week.

Looptworks takes cast-off, pre-consumer materials and repurposes them into limited-edition clothing and accessories. Officially launching on Sept. 9, the startup revolves around using what already exists, generating nothing new in the manufacturing of its products or in the running of its business.
Photo credit: Looptworks

Its debut collection will comprise 20 apparel pieces for both men and women, including jackets, hoodies, skirts, shirts, and graphic tees. Because each product is limited-edition—and is numbered based on the quantity of materials that have been salvaged for each item—Looptworks will offer new styles as soon as the current ones have run out.

"We felt a responsibility to repurpose these materials," says Hamlin. "This is our opportunity to not only stop creating excess waste, but to inspire people to think about how they consume and motivate the industry to change by reducing excess."

Here we go again.

Photo credit: Looptworks

Photo credit: Looptworks

Photo credit: Looptworks

Photo credit: Looptworks
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