New Incredibly Cool Refurbished Clothing by Ropa Doceñada (12-Na)

Photos: Ropa Doceñada 12-Na.

How can refurbished clothing look this great? Leave it to Ropa Doceñada (12-Na), a fashion firm based in both Argentina and Chile, to do the work. You might remember them from a brief post a few years ago, but you have to see what they've been up to lately. Even if you're not in South America, the ideas for clothing refurbishing are something to have in mind.If you don't know the brand yet, Ropa Doceñada is a clothing firm that works with the concept of 'clothes re-interpretation' turning old pieces into new, incredibly cool ones, which are produced with tailors and seamstresses and without industrial workshops.

Pinup dress with pieces of shirts and different fabrics.

Founded in 2004 by Mechi Martinez and Mariano Breccia with the aim of making 'music through clothes', the brand is also a tribute to twelve victims of rock (Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Ian Curtis, Mark Bolan, Janis Joplin, Marvin Gaye, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Sid Vicious, and Jim Hendrix).

Jacket made with several pieces of fabrics.

Since its launch, the firm has designed in a unique and artisan way more than 3000 garments, some of which are showed in their Flickr account.

Man shirt turned into dress.

Their clothes are sold in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago de Chile, Chile. However, even if you're not in South America, the pieces shown here give great inspiration to refurbish your own clothes.

More pictures below and more info on the brand at their website.

Dress from silk scarfs.

Another dress from scarfs.

Another model of the jacket, with Batman!

A refurbished blazer with a trendy Jocker print on the back.

Sporty vest from old jackets.

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