NEW! Degree Six Launches Eco-Friendly Apparel For Men, Women

Photo credit: Degree Six Clothing

For most of us, the idea that we're six degrees of separation from everyone else on the planet is either six too many or six too few. (See: John Cusack versus Jon Gosselin.) Degree Six, a fresh new clothing line from Los Angeles, wants everyone to cut loose, join hands, and band together for the sake of this big blue marble, regardless of race, creed, and tabloid-baiting, bad-boy behavior.

Designed by Cassie Stevenson, who was inspired by the beauty of her native Portland, Ore., D6 takes a three-prong approach to clothing by marrying sexiness, style, and sustainability.
Photo credit: Degree Six Clothing

Its debut collection consists of several tees in assorted silhouettes for both men and women, along with bottoms and skivvies for the ladies. We're especially taken with the tissue-thin, off-shoulder asymmetrical top with side pockets, woven from a blend of bamboo and corn, which can be slipped over skinny pegged jeans or pulled off on its own as a minidress.

For back-to-school wardrobes, look no further than the too-cool-for-you-know-what grey-plaid, V-neck sweater, with thumbholes at the end of each long sleeve for nippier weather. And the salaciously named—and cut—booty shorts, made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, goes with, well, everything.

Photo credit: Degree Six Clothing

Photo credit: Degree Six Clothing

Photo credit: Degree Six Clothing

Photo credit: Degree Six Clothing
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